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“ The center that I cannot find is known to my unconscious mind.  ” (W. H. Auden)

The artworks by Elham Hossein Haji, a contemporary Iranian artist, are spatiotemporal deconstructions where substance dissolves, transforming its form into unpredictable twisting movements. The geometry of certain elements disperses in sudden patches of colour, while fields of colour take over the background, letting small condensations of matter float in space. In the work 'Untitled', presented at M.A.D.S. Art Gallery for the exhibition LIQUID ARSENAL, the artist takes us on a journey into the unconscious. In front of our eyes, a distant place seems to take shape, where our senses struggle to define its perception. A red door in the centre of the work is the only element that is described with geometric precision, while all around it blues, greens and reds disperse into each other, until they dissolve into a black cloud. High above on the right floats an empty cube. The cube, even more than the square, is the symbol of the solidification and halting of cyclical development, because it determines and fixes space in its three dimensions. Being represented here emptied of its mass, it is meant to be a symbol of the decomposition of reality as it is rationally conceived, giving complete freedom to the unconscious and the impossible. In this painting, dream prevails over sense, showing itself in all its energy and darkness. The colour rises and, in the form of thin roots, reaches the red door, which feeds directly on the waters of the lake below. Dark and motionless, it contains the enigmas of our mind. Formless matter that may never pass through that door.

By Art Curator Francesca Brunello